What you want to know about a dog birthday party

Yes, a birthday party for your dog! Why would you not celebrate your dogs birthday? Maybe you think that it is silly or stupid, but you should definitely try it. When you have had a dog party, you will repeat it every year.

Why should I celebrate my dogs birthday?

Because your dog deserves a party, just like you do. It is so much fun for you and your dog.

Who to invite to my dogs birthday party?

This all depends on the type of dog you have. A happy playful dog you could invite friends with dogs. But a dog who loves peace and quiet, just keep it small. So take a look at your dog and decide what kind of party you will give.

Do you know a dog birthday cake recipe?

Yes, we do! We have some links to websites that are full of ideas for a dog birthday cake. Just scroll around on these websites and you definitely will find the best dog cake for your friend.

The 14 best dog birthday cake recipes:


When you don’t want to make a dog birthday cake yourself, you can order a dog cake at: www.thedogbakery.com

What is the best date for a dog birthday party?

You can decide the date yourself, it could be the day of your dogs birth. But also the day you brought your puppy to your home. And if those days are not the best for you, then just pick a date that will soothe you.

The best location for a dog birthday party

Take is account what time of year you are giving a dog birthday party. Is it snowing, just cold or is it in spring or summer? When the weather is good, you could give a dog birthday party in your backyard or a park. With bad weather, you can rent a space that is dogproof, so your friend can not escape from his own birthday party.

Games you can play at a dog birthday party

You can keep it simple or go big on your dogs birthday party. You could make an agility course for your dog and his friends. It can be very easy and you don’t have to buy products for that. If you want it to be a big party, you could buy some agility products to make it huge. When it is a warm day you could go to a dog beach or fill up a pool in your own garden. Make sure you always supervise the activities.

What to serve humans and dogs?

At first, make sure there are enough bowls of fresh water available. Everything for humans and dogs can be made in the shape of a bone. What will you serve your guests at your birthday party? Well, make that into bone shapes and you will have the best food to serve to the guests of your dog birthday party.

A goody bag for humans and dogs

For the friends of your dog, just put some treats in a bag and maybe a squeaky toy. For the humans you can bake some cookies in the shape of a dog or bone, that will be just perfect.