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Snuffle mat for dogs makes your dog play relaxed, eat slower, learning to use his nose, training your puppy to wait and more.

75% gives a 5-star rating

What we do know about Snuffle Mat for Dogs

Snuffle mat for dogs stimulates the senses and smells and satifies the curiosity of your dog. By using this snuffle mat it stimulates the mind of your dog.

Your dog can search for his food or treat when you hide it in this snuffle mat for dogs. It helps him eating slower and his energy will drain. A non slip bottom keeps the mat on his place.

Suitable for small and medium dogs. Diameter: 18.9 inch / 48 cm It's safe to put it in the washer and dryer.

Review examples Snuffle Mat for Dogs

I got snuffle mat for dogs for my 65lb AmStaff mix. She's a foodie and hoovers her meals in about 60 seconds and stares at us for more. This has slowed her waaaayyyy down. She sniffs and gobbles for ten whole minutes (no joking). Not only is it helping her digestion (much less farting), it's an opportunity to stimulate her sniffy senses.

I was concerned at first that she might destroy it, like she does with tennis balls. She tugged at it a little with the first use, but after that she's been very good.

We have run it through the wash (icky doggie drool) and it held up pretty well.

I'm quite pleased with this purchase :)

The snuffle mat for dogs was recommended to us to help our dog work her nose, give her mental stimulation, and slow down her eating. So far it has helped with all three. Although the fabric is soft and light, it has stood up well to chewing and cleaning. It was a great purchase and reasonably priced. The cute design is an added bonus for me!

Our puppy has been digging a lot in our backyard. This snuffle mat for dogs helps her to relieve that craving for digging, and gives me a few minutes of peace! I've washed it once and threw it in the dryer under low heat, and it came out looking new. This snuffle mat is very well made. The only thing that would make it even better is if it didn't slide around. There are rubber nubs that help, but our pup really digs into the mat.

More information: snuffle mat for dogs

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