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You and your dog (s) can have so much fun with recordable answer buzzers. Take some time to learn your dog how to use them. Examples you can find on Youtube.

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What we know about recordable answer buzzers.

Customize your recordable answer buzzers with a recordingtime of 7 seconds on each buzzer. The sound is not loud.

Train your dog or puppy using the buzzers for commands as play, food or outside. Use your imagination.

Review examples recordable answer buzzers

We're using recordable answer buzzers to give my dog a voice. I've recorded "potty outside," "water please," and "treat" into these buttons and put them around the house for her to use. Now when she needs to use the restroom she says "potty outside." When she comes back in, she goes straight to "treat" and asks for her reward. When her bowl is empty she lets me know by pushing "water, please." She is a 9lb Chihuahua with arthritis in her front paw and has no problems pushing the buttons down to make them speak. Great purchase. I want to buy more and add more phrases (like "play," "car ride," "bedtime" and "cuddles!"). 100% happy!

I bought recordable answer buzzers teach my dog how to push buttons for what he wants. I recorded my voices saying different things for different buttons. For example, I recorded me saying “walk, let’s go for a walk” on one of the buttons. The buttons have held up to my dogs paws pressing them all the time. I have not had any problems with them yet.

Ok, so I totally loved recordable answer buzzers. My puppy was able to quickly learn the words, press the button for what he wanted, and it has made my puppy quieter (instead of learning to whine when he needs something.) He would even hit "play" and "outside" together in a series, but only hit "outside" to go potty outside. Seriously! Made puppy training SO MuCH EaSieR! But, they didn't last very long. One I tripped on and stepped on hard. Totally broke the insides. Two of them don't work even though the batteries are still good. So we only have one left. Not the most durable, but I'd still recommend for training a puppy!

More information: answer buzzers


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