Puppy Toy, KONG, Natural teething rubber

More information: https://amzn.to/33RyWuC

This #puppy toy #Kong is a soft rubber #toy that is customized for a growing puppy. It is a long-lasting toy that provides mental stimulation and helps to satisfy instinctual needs. Down below you will find a Kong guide to decide the size Kong you need for your puppy/dog 75% gives a 5 star rating, 12% a 4 star rating

What we know about puppy toy Kong.

The puppy toy Kong will help your puppy with separation anxiety, teething, crate training, boredom and more. The unpredictable bounce is exciting for the dog, you can also play fetch with it. Because you can stuff the puppy toy Kong with all sorts of treats, that will help stimulate your puppy to play with it. You can put the puppy toy Kong in the dishwasher. That makes it easy to clean.

Review examples puppy toy Kong.

So it's a Kong. We know what that means. It's sturdy and well-made. I'm sure it's going to outlast us all, and be here when the aliens arrive 3000 years later. My pup loves it especially because she knows we sometimes put peanut butter in it for her. So she always holds on to it whenever she sees it, just in case it has peanut butter in it. LOL. The only con that I can think of is that the last part of whatever treat you put in there, will get stuck in the narrower section of the toy. And if not cleaned right away, will harden and then will require a cleaning with a brush of some sort. Puppy loves it! When we fill it with his dampened kibble, seal the whole with peanut butter and put it in the freezer for a couple of hours, he's occupied for an hour! He still enjoys it when it's empty & we throw or roll it - he jumps all around to get it. Kong toys. This is a record of toys lasting here. Benny, our rescue husky pup (1.5 yrs), chews everything (including the couch, the molding, TV remotes, soft dog beds, etc. etc. etc.). He loves soft stuffed toys, but of course destroys them fairly quickly (except for a few he really likes). These Kong rubber chewable item's area great. Has not even pulled off any rubber chunks yet...has been a few weeks. Have not put anything inside (like peanut butter). We have 5 dogs, and try to avoid things they may fight over. This has worked so well, we got the Kong pacifiers....O M G....Benny loves that even more. He carries it around.... Highly recommend Kong for chewers. This was a 2 pack.

More information: https://amzn.to/33RyWuC

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