Puppy and small dog toys, 10 Pack awoof

More information: https://amzn.to/3mESeuN

When you want to have a bag of puppy and small dog toys, this 10 pack of AWOOF is a great buy. The squeakers are not too loud, and they have great colors and shapes. Not for aggressive chewers.

74% gives a 5-star rating.

What we know about the puppy and small dog toys.

A low price for 10 plush puppy and small dog toys chew on.

The materials are durable for your puppy of small breeds. They are safe and non-toxic. It's made of a soft plush for your puppy, it will not hurt them. The squeakers are great in every toy in this pack, they will play and be busy with the toys. The chewing will help decrease in anxiety and your puppy will have fun while it's also good for dental health.

You can clean the toys in the wash machine and then just let them air dry.

Review examples the puppy and small dog toys.

Approved by 7-week-old shih-tsu puppy. Perfect size for a tiny dog. It was so cute to see her attacking them. She is so little, and she thought she was so tough.

I was very pleasantly surprised by the puppy and small dog toys. They are very well-made, super soft, colorful, and SO adorable. The other reviewers are right, the squeakers aren't loud, and I am happy about that. It's the perfect amount of squeak to interest my baby girl while she's playing fetch, but not so loud it will disturb anyone. That said, I don't recommend leaving chewers or hunters alone with these little toys, they will be ripped up in minutes, as expected, lol.

I have two of the most playful puppies that I've ever met although there almost 2 years old they still play like they're six months I bought these puppy and small dog toys for them, and they went bananas for them it's been a while since I bought them and every single toy my puppies have ripped out the squeaky part and the stuffing of all the toys they lasted about a month they each had their favorite toy and devoured them and I loved every second of it and I will buy another bag for them to destroy at play time hopefully it lasts a little longer, but they play really rough so for it to last of month that's fantastic for my pups.

More information: https://amzn.to/3mESeuN

A great toy to play and train with your dog: Recordable Answer Buzzers


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