Portable poop scooper

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A portable #poop #scooper that will be a great asset for you. It keeps your hands clean of #dogwaste and you won't feel the texture of the poo.

54% gives a 5-star rating

What we know about this portable poop scooper.

A handle that is squeezable makes is so easy to use the portable poop scooper. The integrated pocket is able to easily expand to scoop more poop into de scooper. Because of the size, your will can easily fit it in your bag and take it everywhere your want.

The portable poop scooper helps your to dispose of dog poop and makes your life easier and cleaner at the same time.

Review examples portable poop scooper.

This is a really great product for people who don’t want to feel certain textures. It’s easy to use and clean, and clips directly to the least, which is nice. It’s sturdy and reliable, would definitely recommend.

Love the size and how it includes the bags! Convenient to use and carry Very handy to take on dog walks and whenever traveling. We like how the bags are stored in the scooper as well.

More information: portable poop scooper

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