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This pet dog playpen of Jespet is an amazing solution when your dog doesn't want to stay in a crate. Or if you want your dog to have more space when you are not at home.

79% gave a 5-star rating.

What we know about this pet dog playpen.

This pet dog playpen is for indoor and outdoor use, portable and lightweight. It is strong and that makes this playpen ideal for traveling. You can easily clean it and it's made of water resistant materials. Easy in and out access with 2 zippered doors, the top zipper can be removed. Plenty ventilation because there are 8 mesh windows.

Available in 3 sizes.

Review example about this pet dog playpen.

Our dog loves it and is so much better than a cage and a lot lighter and very portable.

This is by far one of the best Amazon purchases I've ever made. When I got this I opened it and put it up and was amazed at how big it was! I definitely recommend this to people who need to crate their dog but feel they should have more space to relax when you are away.

This pet dog playpen has been a lifesaver with our 9-week-old corgi. He loves playing with his toys in the pen, has tried to escape, but he cannot. He is a chewer and tries to chew different parts of the pen with no success. Even with him jumping on the net it shows none of that. Seems to be well-made with durable material. After having this for two months I will have to say my dog knows exactly how to destroy a PLASTIC zipper. I am on my last area with a zipper I expect he will destroy that one in the next couple of days. My only suggestion would be to use metal zippers or stronger ones. I still cannot give this a bad review as I seem to have an ADHD puppy who loves to play holding. It served its purpose, I just can't use it again, I have top, bottom, and one entry sewn shut. Lol the netting on all sides is still very much intact. More information:


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