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All Natural and hypoallergenic #Organic #dog #shampoo that makes your dogs coat shiny and soft, using non-toxic organic ingredients. Safe for your dog and the envirement.

75% gives a 5-star rating

What we know about organic dog shampoo

A 100% non-toxic organic dog shampoo, hypoallergenic, plant based vegan ingredients. Using organic lemongrass, assential oil, soothing aloe vera and organic coconut oil. No use of synthetick or artificial chemicals and biodegradable.

Organic dog shampoo with lemongrass citrus makes it easy te lather and rinse. Moisturizing making the coat shiny and soft, also safe for newborn pups and senior dogs. Soothing for dry, itchy and sensitive skin.

Our certifications tell your that we only want the best for your dogs and also doing everything we can for our planet.

Review examples organic dog shampoo

I have two dogs, both with skin problems. I used organic dog shampoo for the first time the other day and I am very happy. The smell is not chemical but I would say you can tell definitely its using natural ingredients. Its not so thick but that doesnt mean you need to use a lot. Each of my dogs has a different coat-shepherd and one is a lab. No residue on their hair and no itchies! After they dried they smell fresh too!

Organic dog shampoo has fixed my dogs coat! We have 2 corgis. One has always had thin coarse hair with no undercoat. You could see her skin through her hair. Nothing like our other dog’s thick soft fluff. For 5 years we tried different shampoos, conditioners, topicals, changed her food, gave her supplements. We were considering taking her in to see if there was something physically wrong with her. Then we tried this shampoo. We changed nothing else about our routine. The diference is stunning.

Very impressed with organic dog shampoo. I washed my dog and couldn’t believe all the dirt coming off of him. Use in conjunction with a hand scrubber to make your life easier. The scent is so delightful and my dog hasn’t smelled this good in ages. He usually suffers from dry skin, haven’t seen a flake yet. Thumbs up all the way around!

More information: organic dog shampoo


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