Greener walker poop bags for dog

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These #biodegradable #dog waste #bags are made of recycled materials and are 100% leak-proof. When you want to help make a differents use dog waste bags that are better for our earth.

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What we know about greener walker poop bags.

They are extra tick and 100% leak-free. Because of there size your can use the poop bags for all size of dogs. The rolls fit standard-sized dispensers. Whe use corn starch blend, this makes the bags more friendly for our earth.

Review examples greener walker poop bags.

I choose these poop bags because the manufacturer indicates that they are made from components that will bio-degrade over time. The thickness of the bags feel really good. There is a printed sign that indicates where the opening of the poop bag is. There is also a very important warning sign on the bottom part of the poop bag that warns about the potential danger of suffocation and to keep all bags away from babies and children. Overall I'm really happy with my purchase and very impress with the product.

I realize that biodegradable bags probably aren't really that helpful considering their destination and how much else is being tossed into landfills. But, it is something I can do and I'll do it. The poop bags are thin but sturdy. They have a silken texture and don't feel like the regular plastic poopy bags. At this price point, they're also a bargain. So if you're a responsible for a furry friend and need to pick up their poop with bags that perhaps are less impactful than others and need a bunch of them, these will suit you just fine!

These poop bags tear off easily, easy to open, good thick quality so you don't have to worry about it having a hole or rip easy. Fits most dispensers. I have a variety of different dispensers and these roll just fit and very functional. The price for it is great too. Love that the bag is biodegradable. I have two medium size dogs so the product being biodegradable gives me peace of mind especially living in a state that just passed the no more plastic bag law.

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