Fresh Breath No Brushing Oral Care Gel for dog / puppy

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An easy way to prevent plaque and tartar buildup of your puppy with fresh breath no brushing oral care gel for dogs. When you use it daily as directed the teeth of your puppy will cleanup within 30 days.

65% gives a 5-star rating and 17% a 4-star rating

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Your puppy's breath will be freshened up with this fresh breath no brushing oral care gel for dogs.. Apply two drops every evening 30 minutes after his last meal. You don't need to brush.

It is safe to use when you use as directed.

Review examples about fresh breath no brushing gel:

Fresh breath no brushing oral care gel for dogs. if you use at least 3-4x week, at night, for a couple of months. I have two dogs, the first had mild tarter which came right off after about a month. The other dog had severe tartar but showed great improvement. I’m guessing another couple of months for him will do the trick. Saves an $800 vet bill for him. The gel is an enzyme that breaks up charter. That is why I use it after my dogs last meal, before he goes to bed. So that it works overnight.

My dog doesn't accept brushing his teeth. For more than a year I have been looking for another way to clean his teeth. Found nothing, then I saw this gel and had to try it. OMG, he likes it, I just couldn't believe it. Now every evening he gets two drops and I don't have to worry about he's teeth anymore, they look so good. Thank you for making this product!

I can't say enough great things about fresh breath no brushing oral care gel for dogs! Our dog suffers with the worst breath known to man and will literally not let me brush her teeth no matter what I do. Also, most products are meat or vanilla flavored, which make her breath smell equally rancid as if she had nothing at all. This smells like sweet spearmint, and she actually lets me put it on her teeth! I don't apply it directly to her teeth with the applicator. Instead, I put a line on my index finger and rub it on her teeth, focusing on one side, then the other side, then the front. My dog actually likes it, I can't believe it! She licks her chops for like 30 seconds and then goes about her business. What an amazing product, I have no idea how we lived without it for 4.5 years. Will definitely repurchase!

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