Dog water bottle dispenser, Sofunii, BPA-free

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A #dog #water #bottle dispenser is an amazing product that is easy to take with you when you go for a walk, a hike or a long trip in the car. Also, you will be able to give your dog fresh water at all times.

79% gives a 5-star rating

What we know about dog water bottle dispenser:

The complete bottle is BPA-free, made of high quality PC materials, no odor and is easy to clean. To ensure no water leakage, the bottle mouth is sealed with a silicone ring.

Use the dog water bottle dispenser by pressing the button, the water will run out slowly. When you press the button again and putt the bottle upright the water will return into to the bottle with only little leakage.

It's a 5-ounce bottle and can fit in a standard car and bike cup holder. Because of the attached lanyard, it is easy to carry, fixed to a backpack or belt. This makes it so easy to always take this dog water bottle dispenser with you.

Review examples about dog water bottle dispenser:

Quality is very good. It comes with a strap. Material is plastic, however the texture of it isn't cheap plastic feeling. Push button for releasing water which easier to control water amount. My small dogs like it since everything comes out from a bottle is always better than in their bowls, even it's just water.

This water bottle is honestly awesome! Easy to carry, easy to use, does NOT leak and my dog loves to drink from it. We live in southwestern Texas so it gets hot and this has been perfect for walking and hiking. Keeps my dog going happily much longer!!! Definitely recommended for dog owners!

My dog loves this water bottle and it’s great when we are on the go because it’s safe from spilling, and we don’t have to waste the water. A+ in my book!

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