Dog Poop Bags, low price

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If you are looking for dog poop bags for a small price, these are the ones to take a look at.

65% of the buyers gave a 5-star rating and 14% a 4-star rating.

What we know about the dog poop bags.

That makes this dog poop bag a good buy for a low price. These dog poop bags are not for large dog's waste, they are too small for that.

With the poop bags comes a dispenser to put in a roll and take with you. There are 15 poop bags on each roll and the bags have measures of 8,5 x 12,5 inches. They are easy to open and use, also sturdy and leakproof, so they will protect your hands from getting dirty. They are decomposable and because of that they will not harm our earth.

Review about the dog poop bags.

The dog poop bags are great. Hooks right onto leash. Makes everything easier. Would definitely order again and recommend to others! And great price. Thanks! We use them all the time. Take them everywhere we go. Bags would be too small for large dog's waste. Nice having dispenser but difficult getting bags out.

They came right away. They do exactly what they are supposed to do.

More information: poop bags

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