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Dog nail clippers made of stainless 3.5 mm thick steel to trim your dog nails safely. Perfect for medium breed dogs, but some reviews say that they use it for their large breed dog.

70% gives a 5-star rating

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Ergonomically shaped for easy use. The safety guard make is simple and safe to use without causing an accidental nail bleeding for your dog. A mini nail file is included to make sure the dog nails are nog sharp after they ar cut.

The clipper can be used on medium and large breeds.

Review examples dog nail clipper

Works great but comes with barely any instructions and you have to be very careful because if you clip to high you will injure your dog. Update: 2/18 I went to the my veterinarian and showed the clippers and he really like them.

Due do the coronavirus epidemic, I haven’t been able to take my dogs to have regular nail trimmings. One of my dogs is part Chihuahua and his nails grow very quickly. I’ve had clippers in the past that would tear his nails after just cutting two nails. These clippers are sturdy, they cut well, and seem to be very sharp. I’ve only used them a couple times so far. I haven’t tried them on my Jack Russell yet, who growls anytime you want to cut her nails. There are some great YouTube videos for suggestions on dealing with dogs that are resistant to having their nails trimmed. So far so good with these clippers. I’m happy that I bought them and recommend them

Sturdy and good for big dog. My dog is a Shar pei/Husky mix. She’s about 80 lbs and hates having her nails clipped. The came sharp and ready to go.

More information: nail clipper


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