Dog Grass pad with Tray

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To give your #dog a good option for #pottytraining inside and out. This is an artificial grass tray for your dog. It is a realistic #peepad made of bite resistance turf that you can use wherever you want.

58% gives a 5-star rating, 16% gives a 4-star rating.

What we know about this dog grass pad with tray.

This dog grass pad had got a hard rubber back that your dog cannot bite off. It is easy to clean. To reduce urine smells this dog grass pad has six times more drainage holes. This helps with draining the urine faster than products that are similar.

You get one plactic holder to better protect your floor from urine and stools from your dog. Also your get two dog pee pads with advanced absorption technology and deodorizing factors. It is ultra absorbent (1100 ml)

To avoid havy smells, please always keep the tray out of the sunshine. Also after cleaning.

Review examples dog grass pad:

Best piddle pad I've bought, and I've bought several. It has more holes in the carpet, dogs paws aren't soaked in pee. I also use with hartz no leak pads underneath because I hate piss trays. I am having trouble finding disposable pads that fully fit the tray but my pupper usually goes smack in the middle.

We use this on our boat, there are times when there is no place to let our dog off to go potty. We have a 3 year old Shepherd and she has a large volume of urine. I use potty pads with this. The urine flows easily through the grass mat absorbs into the pad for easy clean up. The pad keeps the tray dry and I rinse the mat off and let it air dry. We haven’t had any problems with odor. It’s large and gives my dog plenty of area. The mat seems durable enough for our use. Very happy with this!

I'm amazed at how well my Pup took this system! She's a Bishon Frise that is not overly fond of conducting her business outside when the weather is too hot, too cold, too snowy or too wet. This is a superb alternative. It's easy to clean and has a very low profile. Easy to sandwich potty pads between the grass and the tray, making clean up a breeze.

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