Cat Play Tower, FURHAVEN

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Your cat will adore this Tiger Playground tree! There are a Cat-IQ busy box, dangling mouse toy, sisal scratching posts, a dangling ball and springy-wand ball cat toys!

This cat tower is tall 5-foot 8-inch and has got multiple levels of enjoyment. It doesn't matter if your cat is on the lower level or the upper level. Your cat will have a great time playing on this cat play tower. It is easy to clean with a damp cloth and vacuuming the play tower when needed.

Your cat will have the exercise it needs, Your cat can jump, stretch, play with the complete Cat Play Tower.

We strongly recommend large cat and/or multi-cat households to place the unit near a wall for increased safety. For even greater security, webbing furniture straps may be purchased from your local home improvement center and used to secure the cat tree to the wall or other stable object.

What do other people say about this Cat Play Tower, review: We have two 5-month-old kitties who love it! It was super easy to put together, and it keeps them occupied. It helps that we've placed it in front of two windows. They prefer to use the smaller of the two cubicles as a sleeping area and love to try to get the jingling balls out of the box. We're always trying to track down those balls around the apartment to throw them back in there for them! This cat tree is probably better for smaller cats as it does shake a lot as they're jumping around on it. Other than the larger cubicle and the base, the various levels might also be too small for larger cats.

Your cat will have the time of his life with this Cat Play Tower.

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