Calming Bed for Dogs, washable

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This calming bed for dogs is really soft, looks super cozy and is an amazing snuggle. If you are looking for a bed your dog will love and feels comfortable in, this is what your dog needs.

97% give 5-star ratings.

What we know about this calming bed for dogs.

It's a dog bed in donut design, ideal when your dog loves to curl up. The edges are raised, this will give your dog good support for his body and gives a sense of security. It is a warm plush filled with ultra-fine air loft fibers. Your dog will have a feeling like he gets a big hug all the time. This calming bed for dogs had got a non-slip bottom.

You can wash this dog bed in a machine. Wash it separately in cold water in a gentle cycle. Please, don't use bleach. You can tumble dry LOW.

To get the dog bed fluffy you need to pat it.

- Small size: 23x23x8 inches, ideal for small dogs maximum 25 pounds. - Medium size: 30x30x8 inches, ideal for medium dogs maximum 45 pounds.

Review examples about this calming bed for dogs.

I am blown away by the price of te calming bed for dogs in comparison to the quality - literally seems like a $50 dog bed! Sooo soft, thick cushy bottom, my dog loves it! My 4-year-old dog also likes to sit in it lol - I ordered the 23” and my 15 pound sheltie/Pom mix has room to spare but is very cozy in it. It’s also pretty, so I don’t mind it sitting out in our living room for all to see.

I bought two of these for my 5 small dogs who generally lounge on the couch. They are loving the comfort of these fluffy beds and fall asleep immediately once in the bed. I guess the calming part is true lol :)

Our pit mix loves it! He’s 55 pounds and has plenty of space but it’s still a good snuggle first for him. He is the kind of dog who will find a pile of laundry or a towel and make himself a nest so this is perfect for him. He prefers this over the flat dog beds. It is Chico approved!

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