Anti-itch shampoo & conditioner in one!

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Your sweet #dog is scratching his or her skin like crazy, the itching is not necessary. This special #anti-itch #shampoo & conditioner will give your friend a more calm skin. Take a look at the reviews and you will see that alot of dogoweners tell you that it a must-try.

74% gives a 5-star rating

What do we know about anti-itch shampoo & conditioner in one!

A hypoallergenic anti-itch shampoo that is made of natural oatmeal, aloe vera, coconut and baking soda. This will give your dog instant relief and calm the sensitive skin and coats. Your dog will smell like an oatmeal cookie after taking a bath. Who doesn't want that!

No use of harmful chemicals.

Added by dogmax: Like every other shampoo, check on a small part on the skin of your dog before you use the shampoo on your dog completely. This to make sure that the sensitive skin doesn't give a negative reaction.

Review examples anti-itch shampoo & conditioner in one!

I would give 10 stars to this shampoo. I have a family of 3 kids with fur- Golden retriever, Frenchie and a Pug all 3 are very sensitive with new products or harsh chemicals. Pets are kids too Pet Oatmeal Anti-Itch Shampoo & Conditioner is really all in one we need all-natural & organic. After the bath, they were smelling great and their fur was soft & smooth, no itchiness or rashes. It's been a week they had a shower and trust me they still smell awesome and soft to cuddle. Must-Try!!! And what more good it can be that they also helped a pet in need ;)

Still trying to find the cause of my dog’s excessive itching, but in the meantime this product has helped a lot! In the past, spraying any anti-itch product made him run away. Now that he knows this one soothes his pain, he willingly accepts it. He recognizes the bottles and walks toward them when he wants more. Love the smell and shine of his fur after using the shampoo too!

I bought this product to help my dog stop itching and pulling her hair out. Found out that she had fleas and used this shampoo with flea killing shampoo to really give her some relief. I loved the way this product smelled and between washes I spray her down with the deodorant spray. Everyone says this product smells good and I was skeptical too but let me tell you she smells like an oatmeal cookie after a bath.

More information: shampoo & conditioner

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